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Portable sauna

Having a Portable Steam Sauna can help you to lose weight,remove toxin,relieve pan and reduce stress.Simply set up in minutes, pour water into the exclusive high-performance steamer, plug it into a standard outlet, and in minutes, you'll be enjoying your own private sauna. Now just try one of our 'Steam Series' Portable Saunas, and let the moist steam encompass your body and work its magic!!

High Quality, Safe, Reliable –
* Removable Head Cover keeps steam in,promoting deeper facial cleansing & Improved Respiratory Effect
* 2L High Performance Steamer comes with a Remote Control - set up time(1-99mins) and temperature easily with 9 grade power selection
* Higher Quality Fabric: Double waterproof, anti-bacterial, odor resistant, anti-mildew
*Light weight and folding chair : easy to carry anywhere
*5 minutes reach 55℃:high temperature and speed-up sweating effect
*CE, SASO approved

Convenient, Easy to set up -
*Ingenious Spa Design, portable tent,folds up in seconds
* Easy Timer Setting without any concern for sudden shut off

* Lightweight Highly Portable, including a portable folding chair
* Zippered Arm Openings let you use your hands outside of tent for reading, making adjustments
* Using Two Exterior Pocket to put your things.
* Suitable for Aromatherapy treatment, Aromatherapy oils can be added to enhance the experience even further!


Lid using instruction

clockwise screw down the lid, make sure haven't steam leakage when using.

What our buyers said about

I love this spa steamer. Suggestions, if you dont have to break it completely down you will avoid having to assemble it every time. If you are a short person like me it is ideal to simply sit on a towel inside the steamer.. I place the oils in the diffuser which goes in the steamer. Love it!!




  • Voltage: 220-240V/ 50-60Hz
  • Material: Double-layer fabric
  • Steamer Capacity: 2L
  • Steamer Power: 1000W
  • Timer Setting: 1-99 mins
  • Power Setting: 25W-900W,1-9 grade to adjustable
  • Highest Temperature: 55°C

Package Include

  • 1x Steam Sauna Tent
  • 1x Head Cover
  • 1x Steamer and Remote Control(without battery CR2025 3V)
  • 1x Foldable Chair
  • 1x Foldable Carrying Bag
  • 1x Herbal Box
  • 1x Massage Foot Pad
  • 15 x Poles
  • 12 x Pole Connectors
  • 1x Manual (Please read manual before use)

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